Project Hub

This site is built by Career Returnship members. And will be for members to vote on the next project to work on.

Tools Used: Python, ReactJS, Figma

Everyday Heroes: A Covid19 Podcast

A main home for a local Denver based podcasting project celebrating everyday heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Designed in Figma, build in Gatsby (React, GraphQL, SCSS)  hosted on Netlify, with added NetlifyCMS functionality to add new podcast episodes.

Tools Used: Figma, Gatsby, Netlify, NetlifyCMS

Career Returnship Website

Website showcases returnship functions, events and volunteer projects. UI was designed by a team member in Figma and coded in React by developers remotely collaborating via Slack and Github. Incorporates CMS data through Netflify.

Tools Used: React, Gatsby, Netlify CMS, Figma